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A new study finds that a pair of chemical building blocks similar to those in genetic material was present in a meteorite before it fell to Earth in the s. Researchers say the finding makes it slightly more plausible that meteorite bombardments may have seeded ancient Earth with life's raw materials, potentially paving the way for life itself. Part of the scientific mystery of how life emerged is the origin of chemical building blocks: Were they created by chemical reactions on Earth or did they, perhaps, hitch rides on meteorites that may have germinated our and other planets in our solar system with the same molecules?

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Diamonds found in meteorites on Earth may have come from an ancient long-dead planet the size of Mercury or Mars, the first potential known relics from these lost worlds, a new study finds. Scientists examined a ureilite, a kind of meteorite that is rich in carbon and sometimes even possesses diamonds. More than ureilites have been discovered so far, says study lead author Farhang Nabiei, a materials scientist and electron microscopist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

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Impact could have 'drastically altered the climate and led to serious consequences for life on Earth at the time', scientists say. Since then it has been buried under the thick ice of the Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland. Detailed chemical analysis of sediment from a river that drains straight through the glacier followed, allowing researchers at Cardiff University to determine the type of object capable of causing such monumental destruction.

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Somewhere between five and ten thousand years ago, a meteorite crashed through the atmosphere over Greenland. On its way through the atmosphere the large lump of rock, several metres across, broke into smaller pieces and was spread across the Greenlandic ice sheet and the sea at Innaanganeq the Cape York Peninsula near present-day Thule. Since then, practically no archaeologists visited this part of Greenland to examine the locations where the meteor fragments fell or any of the nearby settlements.

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A meteor is the visible path of a meteoroid that enters the Earth's or another body's atmosphere, commonly called a shooting star or falling star. If a meteor survives its transit of the atmosphere to come to rest on the Earth's surface, the resulting object is called a meteorite. During the entry of a meteoroid into the upper atmosphere, an ionization trail is created, where the molecules in the upper atmosphere are ionized by the passage of the meteor.

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December 5, A meteor that exploded in the air near the Dead Sea 3, years ago may have wiped out communities, killed tens of thousands of people, and provided the kernel of truth to an old Bible story. The area is in modern-day Jordan, in a 25 km wide circular plain called Middle Ghor.

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Geologists have found minerals relating to a long ago meteorite impact on the island. A team of geologists on Scotland's Isle of Skye have discovered evidence pointing to a meteorite impact that happened around 60 million years ago. They had been analysing rocks that were thought to have been from a volcanic explosion - before they realised they actually came from outer space.

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The building blocks of genes have been found in a meteorite, raising the prospect of life originating with the aid of extraterrestrial molecules that came from space more than 3. Scientists have found that the meteorite contains complex organic chemicals which can be used to make self-replicating molecules that are the essential genetic ingredient of all known lifeforms — DNA and RNA. Although organic molecules such as sugars and amino acids have been found in meteorites before, it is the first time scientists have found evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial compounds that can be used to make genes. The two substances are called uracil and xanthine and they are the precursors of the building-block molecules, known as nucleobases, that help store and transmit genetic information from one generation to the next — one of the vital signs of life.

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Geologists have found evidence that a meteorite hit the Isle of Skye around 60 million years ago. They made the discovery while exploring volcanic rocks on the island which they thought were volcanic flow deposit. When they analysed the rock they discovered it contained rare minerals from outer space — vanadium-rich and niobium-rich osbornite, which have never been reported on earth.

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January 15, pm Updated January 15, pm. Professor Giulio Magli of Milan Polytechnic believes the throne of the pharaoh Khufu is concealed in a secret chamber deep within the Ancient Wonder. Scientists found a large and enigmatic internal structure in the Great Pyramid in November. A similar technique was used to find hidden tunnels inside the Bent Pyramid, which was given its name due to the wonky shape of its structure.


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