How do breasts look after pregnancy

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How your breasts change from pregnancy to breastfeeding and back. When you're pregnantyour body has very high levels of estrogen and progesterone, hormones that stimulate your breasts' milk glands and milk ducts, respectively. The result of all this can be a big change in bra size, but growth usually slows or stops at the end of the first trimester.

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Learn about the changes your breasts will go through after childbirth. They will grow larger and fill with a fluid called colostrum a few days after birth. Your breasts, which began enlarging during pregnancy, are filled with a special clear fluid called colostrum for the first few days after childbirth.

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During pregnancy your breasts will likely swell to proportions previously unimaginable. And just when you think they can't get any bigger, milk production is initiated two to four days after delivery whether nursing's on the menu or not and your mammoth mammaries will experience yet another growth spurt, becoming temporarily engorged and as hard as rocks. Some women, especially those who've had babies before, find their breasts don't grow overboard, and that's normal, too.

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Of all of the things that cross our minds about our post-baby bodies, worries about our breasts are high on the list. Will your breasts be sore? Will they get too full with milk? And what is mastitis?

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The reality is that breasts before and after pregnancy experience changes of all kinds. The main function of breasts is to produce breast milk, providing nutrition to newborn babies. The breasts are supported by Cooper suspensory ligaments.

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From pregnancy, through breastfeeding, to after weaning, our experts explain how your breasts change — plus we give you tips on caring for them along the way. Read on to find out what to expect as you journey through the trimesters, breastfeed your baby, and eventually wean her. Surging hormones and a shift in breast structure mean your nipples and breasts may feel sensitive and tender from as early as three or four weeks.

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Like it or not, your boobs have a starring role in your pregnancy. They get bigger, more tender, and they change in color and even shape. But, unlike most of the rest of your body, those transformations don't stop after you've given birth.

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The alleged work would seem out of character for the hardcore yogi and natural-birth spokeswoman, not to mention completely unnecessary. Most of the discussion around post-baby body image has focused on how quickly a woman can slim down to her pre-baby weight. Magazines devote entire covers to this subject, while trainers and nutritionists make a killing off of it.

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Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, your body shifts and changes in ways you probably could have imagined and others that you never did. And additional changes that come after giving birth may catch you off-guard, as well. One of the most common concerns among new moms is sagging breasts.

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