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I used to watch that thing over and over again and must have watched it like a billion times. Well, I watched it a lot, anyway. Belushi was a true talent and probably would have gone on to a much wider range of work had he survived into old age.

This isn't a particularly inspired list - but then, none of these movies were particularly inspired either. Let them serve as a symbol of Hollywood's creative bankruptcy. It's bad enough that a strident Saturday Night Live player should become a bankable movie star Bill Murray notwithstanding.

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Belushi would have turned 70 this month, but instead he died aged 33 in His face can still be seen on a million T-shirts and even more posters on the walls of those born decades after he died. Ever since he was found dead in the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood, his heart stopped by an overdose of cocaine and heroin, Belushi has become synonymous with hedonism, appetite, excess — like his memorably greedy character Bluto in Animal House.

America's greatest living comedy institution, currently in its 39th year, requires no introduction — but this list might. This is not a Wikipedia browse of SNL 's most successful franchises or its most iconic moments, but a look at the best individual sketches — mainly because no one can convince us that a half-dozen dates with the Roxbury Guys are funnier than 90 seconds of Happy Fun Ball. Here are the classic moments that deserve their canonical status, and quiet cult skits that earned the same. And if you don't agree?

For one thing, it aired on Sunday and at p. For another, it filmed over 1, miles southwest of New York. The idea of filming live comedy there on the fly is an absurd sketch premise unto itself.

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Watching Michael Palin trying to shove two cats into his pants at the same time. And these are no doped-up kittens or anything. The cats were understandably none too pleased about the journey.

Prior to his work for children on Sesame StreetHenson had created puppetry work, including his show Sam and Friendsfor adult audiences. His characters appeared regularly on the late-night comedy television programs, and The Ed Sullivan Show. After Sesame StreetHenson feared he would become typecast into working on children's television series.

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Saturday Night Live may be 40 years old, but the show's most memorable sketches are timeless. The pop culture staple has evolved over the decades, preserving its touchstone status across generations of Americans and somehow managing to maintain its freshness and relevance. The cast members have always been skilled at lampooning the newsmakers and events of the day, but at its most trenchant, SNL has also provided searing cultural commentary and deconstructed longstanding social convention.

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Betty Widette…. Jane Curtin Bob Widette…. Dan Aykroyd Jeff Widette….

Many people, women especially, live in fear that they already know the answer to the question before it's even asked. Enter the Widette family! The writers of the long running Saturday Night Live SNL show and the actors that portrayed the characters, have been delighting us for years with their over the top, sometimes politically incorrect skits. The Widettes were among many of the characters we laughed uncontrollably at.


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