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The atoll's inhabitants were relocated inafter which the islands and lagoon were the site of 23 nuclear tests by the United States until Three families were resettled on Bikini island intotaling about residents. But scientists found dangerously high levels of strontium in well water in Mayand the residents were carrying abnormally high concentrations of caesium in their bodies.

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No man-made phenomenon of such tremendous power had ever occurred before. A collection of 23 islands surrounding a square-mile lagoon, Bikini Atoll is one of 29 atolls in the Marshall Islands and one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. After that point, the American military used Bikini Atoll as a testing site for nuclear weapons over the next decade or so see video below.

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Bikini Atoll the test site for the USA atom bomb program, sank about 9 ships, but destroyed over This is some of the best wreck diving in the world. Diving the "Atomic" fleet must be on your

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As the most beautiful plants and animals conceal their poison with their beauty, so the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific hides a dangerous past. As dreamy as this island may seem, there is a tragic story behind the islands. Although the name makes us think of summer and sunshine, this is deceptive. Learn about the past, which envelops this island, and the invisible danger, which lurks here.

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This Unesco World Heritage Site is dangerous for two reasons: nuclear radiation and sharks. It was the site of more than 20 nuclear weapons tests between andand - although the islands were declared "safe" by US boffins in - their original inhabitants have refused to return, and eating locally-grown produce is not advised. So no chomping on fallen coconuts.

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Seventy years have passed since those promises, and the chain of islands remain deserted. Although residents are desperate to return, it appears the time has not yet come for the long-anticipated homecoming. A study published this week said the remote atoll may still be too radioactive for inhabitation.

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The atoll of Bikini, a necklace of 23 islands with sandy beaches and swaying palms that surround a tranquil, blue-green lagoon, presents a startling paradox for the nuclear age. How does a small coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific, which was once rocked violently by 23 atomic- and hydrogen-bomb blasts in the s and s, manage to appear so beautiful and abundant with nature's bounty just a half-century later? The remarkable legacy of these islands and their people began just after the second world war, in Decemberwhen US President Harry S Truman issued a directive to army and navy officials that joint testing of nuclear weapons would be necessary "to determine the effect of atomic bombs on American warships". Because of its location away from regular air and sea routes, Bikini was chosen to be the new nuclear proving ground for the US government.

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Bikini AtollMajuro 4. The test site of the U. Shipwrecks surround the island because of atomic tests conducted between and that annihilated three islands.

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Bikini Atoll is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which covers nearly 1 million square miles of idyllic emerald-green coral atolls, surrounded by the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific. A one of a kind diving paradise, as it features not only beautiful reefs, corals and wonderful marine life. Above all, it is the final resting place for some of the most significant warships in history.


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