Will birthcontrol lower your sex drive

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What's behind this, and how can you make sure it doesn't happen to you? Jennifer Gunter and Dr. Mary Jane Minkin to get more info.

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The birth-control pill is a wonderful invention, but like any medication, it is not without side effects. A new study, however, suggests that decreased sex drive is not one of them. Researchers at University of Kentucky and Indiana University wanted to get to the bottom of it, so for a new paper in The Journal of Sexual Medicinethey looked at how different birth-control methods impacted desire in heterosexual relationships of different lengths as well as the effect on long-term relationships.

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Please leave this field empty. While there are many causes of low libidoincluding stress and relationship problems, hormone imbalances caused by oral contraceptives is one that is often overlooked. Clearly, this is an issue that needs more recognition.

Like most medications, the birth control pill comes with a few side effects. Most of them are mild and similar to the symptoms you may have right before your period—like nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, and mood swings. Thankfully, these side effects often go away after a few months.

In today's edition of extremely obvious news, one common perk of birth control is that you can have a lot more sex with a lot less worrying about possibly dealing with an unintended pregnancy. But in an entirely unfair outcome, sometimes birth control can make you completely uninterested in sex. On the flip side, it can also make your libido skyrocket to the point where you're ready to give up all your daily responsibilities and just spend the rest of your life in bed.

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While birth control can do a lot of wonderful things— improve your skin or regulate your periodanyone? Hormonal birth control can cause changes in your desire to have sexyour mental state during sex, even your ability to orgasm—for better or worse. Unfortunately, those same hormones help control the female sex drive.

Around 10 million women in the U. But messing with your hormones can alter your sex life in positive and negative ways. Each one has different dosages of hormones that help the body prevent pregnancy.

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It's no secret that women are complicated, in more ways than one. Our hormonal makeup is so complex that doctors have yet to completely understand it, while our emotions often color the way we feel about sex. Sarah L.

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This is a hard question to answer. Studying sex, libido sex driveand sexual pleasure is complicated. Our sex drive and sexual pleasure are impacted by our physiology, psychology, societal expectations, and the interactions between these domains.

Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex.


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