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Bala shark is an extremely well known freshwater aquarium fish. It is a modern ray-finned fish under Cyprinidae family of order Cypriniformes. Bala shark Balantiocheilos melanopterus was first discovered by Pieter Bleeker in

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The Bala Shark is also known as the Silver Shark and is a growing favorite among tropical fish hobbyists. This fish isn't a shark at all though. It belongs in the Cyprinidae family.

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I was wondering how to tell the gender of Bala Sharks. I've read some articles already, but I'm still a bit confused. A picture would really help.

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This page describes how to care for Bala sharks and we'd love to hear about your experiences with Bala sharks - simply use a form that can be found at the bottom of this page for sharing your experiences, please! Also you should visit the following pages about Bala sharks : A short article with forum and Profile of Bala shark with pictures and forum. Bala sharks have proven to be extremely popular in the aquarium hobby and this popularity has stood the test of time over the years but sadly this fish is often kept in conditions that are not suitable for their long term health and hopefully the article below will help to clear any misunderstandings that many keepers do have as to how to keep these wonderful fish in their optimum condition.

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The Bala Shark is often mistaken for a shark because of its torpedo-shaped body and its fins that very much resembles a shark. This freshwater fish is largely endangered as its population has declined by 50 percent in the span of the last 10 years. These fish was a typical Category I species, once bountiful in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

The pet trade typically offers very young specimens that require several years to reach puberty at about 6 to 8 inches long. The next best thing is to start with a shoal of five or six youngsters and grow them up, which virtually guarantees a boy-girl mix. Adult male bala sharks grow slightly larger than females of the same age.

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A school of Bala Shark can make a dramatic addition to a large aquarium tank. These Southeast Asian fish are not true sharks, but their shark-like appearance and size make them quite an intriguing pet. Here are the facts on the species and how to care for them.

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Work by Ng and Kottelat published in confirmed that contrary to much of the published information this species does not occur in Indochina and is restricted to Borneo, Sumatra and possibly Peninsular Malaysia. The full extent of its current distribution is unclear as many populations have dwindled in numbers or even vanished completely over the last few decades. For example it is now thought to be extirpated from the Batang Hari river drainage, Sumatra and in the Danau Sentarum National Park, Borneo it has been declining steadily since

Koi: Females get larger. Females have thicker bodies, male bodies are thinner, torpedo shaped, females tend to have more rounded fins and males are slightly pointy. Same thing for most catfish, females will be plumper and males will be streamlined.


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